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Maria & Joe Queens, NY August 17, 2005
Larry, it was such a great day, touring Aruba with you on 8/8. Renting a Harley is definitely the way to go!!!
Pictures coming soon. Maria & Joe

Scott and Shelley Armstrong Marietta, Ohio August 17, 2005
Larry, what an awesome time! I'm so glad we had the chance to tour the island with you. I can't think of a better way to enjoy the island than on the back of a Harley! Thanks again!

Frank & Diane New Jersey August 16, 2005
Fantastic!! Your tour was a blast! Wish the island was bigger so we could have kept on going! :D

Mike Holland August 13, 2005
HD for Aruba Police. Great. See www korps-politie-suriname com News, International sources

Darrin Hovis Idaho Falls, ID August 10, 2005
Thanks for the great tour of the island. The ride with you and the other folks was the highlight of my trip to Aruba. I will take your tour everytime I come back and look forward to the next time already. If anyone is trying to decide to take the tour, do it. It is worth twice what Larry charges. Thanks again for the great memory.

Sulay Bonaire August 9, 2005
Hi Larry,

i have just a question .
if you know which MC group will organise
the november Tour
i hope you have a answer for me thanks in advance

Karl Garden CIty, N Y July 27, 2005
Great Site guys! Whats better than running big twins in paradise?...NOTHING! I'm envious,BUT,I'll see you guys last week in Aug05...keep a fatboy avail for a fellow HOG kid (the big one in the pic; the little one likes rigids!).Rgds.Karl

Ricky Beauchamp, USMC Queens, New York July 25, 2005
Hey Larry,
I just wanted to say thanks for the great ride and very reliable sled. I am glad i went on the tour, because Larry's sales pitch was great and there are no street signs. Furthermore,I did not want to end up asking for directions.
If anybody reads this ask for Larry and go on the tour, he is very knowlegeable and his bikes are very well maintained. Also, if you want to go fishing ask Larry about that too.

Semper Fi,
Gysgt Ricky Beauchamp

ardy en wilma spijkenisse July 14, 2005
Hoi Arjen,
Heb je al een baantje gevonden voor Ardy (haha) Hoe is het met je kleine ventje? Is hij al weer thuis? Hopelijk blijft het nu goed gaan.

Dave, Penny & Ryan Lynch Medford MA July 6, 2005
Larry, just wanted to drop you a note of thanks, we were not going to do a tour but having heard your sales pitch we couldnn't refuse. And we are glad we did it was the best part of our trip to Aruba. Great roads to ride mixed in with some cooling rain it was a great ride. I wished we could have stayed longer at Charlies maybe next time.
Ryan really enjoyed the California Light House I can't figure out why!
Best of luck to you with your venture.
Thanks again
Dave, Penny & Ryan Lynch

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